College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

The Earth, Energy & Environment Center will transform KU’s opportunities for impact.

Sitting next to Lindley Hall, the multidisciplinary facility will bring together faculty, students and researchers from geology and engineering doing energy and environment research. Together, they will tackle ongoing and emerging issues in oil and gas exploration, water quality and availability, geothermal energy, and more. 

  • Building bridges—The two buildings of the Earth, Energy & Environment Center (EEEC)– Ritchie Hall and Slawson Hall – will feature bridges to Lindley Hall and Learned Hall to facilitate easy movement and collaboration among experts across all buildings.
  • Educational engagement—The EEEC’s Robert M. Beren Petroleum Center will serve as a crossroads for student learning and public engagement. Organizations headquartered at KU — Kansas Geological Survey, the Tertiary Oil Recovery Program, KU Innovation and Collaboration—will be able to showcase some of the best people and ideas KU has to offer.
  • Advanced academics—The EEEC will increase KU’s active-learning, research, and meeting and conference space by roughly 130,000 square feet. Classroom spaces will feature the latest tools to support engaged learning.

The EEEC will promote the kind of cross-disciplinary research that has the ability to shape our energy- and water- hungry future.  We are grateful to the donors who have made this possible. Follow along with us as we build a new future.